Client Testimonials

I could have easily gone to prison for my offenses. Yet, as it stands now, I have to take a class twice a week—it’s nothing short of remarkable. If this seems overly laudatory, if I seem like I’m overstating, if you’re suspicious that I’m his cousin, friend, or colleague trying to make him appear to be a miracle worker, I emphatically assure you I’m not. This guy basically saved my life, and I owed him this testimonial.

Shawn, Sacramento CA

I am a criminal defense attorney myself, and have known Dan Koukol both professionally and personally for more than twenty years. I met Dan when he first started working as a defense attorney and I, like everyone else in the legal community, watched him accumulate win after win after win in court.

When my daughter was arrested, I made arrangements to have him represent her.

There is a reason Dan is so successful in court. He has an ability to see the big picture, he genuinely wants to make things right, and he wants to get people back on a good path.

Patricia, Auburn CA